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One might believe ones exterior wooden deck will be somewhat maintenance free for several years, but the intense amount of sunlight, water and traffic could cause the oasis to become a major annoyance in just one season thanks to our hot weather in Columbia South Carolina.

Decks are especially at risk to damage for various reasons. Rain water sits on the wood for a extended time frame and direct sunlight can be extremely harmful without overhead coverage. Pet traffic as well as foot traffic can wear the wood’s protection in only particular areas, leading to greying, cracking, and staining. Normal outside occurances can also wreak havoc on ones lovely Columbia SC deck. Dirt, bird droppings, dead leaves, and air pollution can accumulate between the boards resulting in breaks and warping and can discolor the wood’s finish.

Preventative Deck Maintenance for Columbia Homeowners

There are many things one can do for the deck to keep it looking its very best for as long as possible and protect against the worst from happening.

First, sweep the deck often and be sure to remove leaves right away, especially damp leaves. Additionally, keep the spaces between the boards clear and wash off spilled food, bird droppings, and dirt right away.

It is also important to keep bushes from growing within a couple of feet of the deck. Wood needs to breathe, so if there are potted flowers on the deck, heighten them or shift them about regularly to enable airflow.

Prepping Outdoor Wood for Stain or SealerColumbia Deck Maintenance

In addition to the simple cleaning suggestions Handyman Columbia SC described above, the best way to keep decks or any other outside wooden surface attractive for longer is to apply a stain and/or sealer.

A detailed cleaning is essential prior to applying anything to the wood, however.

First, sweep the surface well and clean the cracks in between the boards. Repair any loose boards and sand everything with 100 grit sandpaper. Be sure to cover close by plants with plastic and remove quickly after treatment. Cleaner can be purchased from any home improvement retailer. However, be sure to read through the instructions. Some cleaners need a damp surface whereas others require the wood to be dry.

Applying a Stain or Sealer

Once the deck or other wooden surface is thoroughly cleaned, it is time to choose a stain. Choosing the suitable stain for ones lifestyle and wood is imperative. There are four different kinds of stains to choose from.

Clear Water Repellents
Toner or Tinted Water Repellants
Semi-Transparent Stains
Solid Stains

All of these varieties of stains and sealers have benefits and drawbacks and it is essential to know what each does and is made for to choose the one that is right for you and your wood.

When applying stain, make certain to seal wood cracks with an all weather caulk. Never apply stain to wet or damp wood. Wood should also not be in direct sunlight during application. Shoot for an outdoor temperature ranging from 50-90 degrees Farenheight. Make sure to allow 24 hours, at least, for drying.

Check the deck or other outside wooden surfaces frequently for indications of aging. If water spilled on the wood’s surface does not bead, that is the main signal it is time for a touch up. Think about an outdoor deck the same as inside wooden floors.

Don’t hesitate to contact Genuine Property Solutions for any deck repairs or new decks Columbia SC installations you are thinking about building.