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To help ease aggravations when one goes to do a small repair around the house and not have the appropriate tools for the task, here is Genuine Home Solutions list of must have tools for the home. Do not stress if they are brand new either.

Home Repairs Columbia SC

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Fundamental Home Repair Tools

Hammer – A 16-ounce hammer with a rounded claw for pulling nails. Wood handles are fine, however a fiberglass handle will assist in cushioning the shock of driving nails.

Tape measure – 25-foot measuring tape is fantastic. It’s still small enough to be easily held in one hand, but will allow you to measure nearly any space from wall to wall.

Screwdrivers – A single screwdriver with interchangeable bits is great for the majority of tasks, but for bigger tasks, one will wish to get a set of screwdrivers.

Level – A 9 inch one will work fine.

Pliers – Usually come in set of 3 – needle nose, wire cutting and a small slip joint.

Locking pliers or vise grips, the jaws are adjustable and actually lock on to anything that has to be kept stable.

Pry bar – Generally an 8 to 12 inch crowbar will be all that is required for drawing nails or eliminating moldings.

Utility knife with retractable and changeable blades. Safer to make use of than a normal knife and make sure to have some extra blades.

Handsaw – A 12 to 15 inch handsaw will cut wood quickly for those not wanting a circular saw.

Combination square – For measuring and marking on a 90 or 45 degree angle. Can likewise be utilized as a depth gauge, marking gauge and height gauge.

Power drill – A 3’8″ reversible power drill is essential. They are not just great for drilling holes; they can likewise be made use of as a power screwdriver. Corded drills never lack power and they’re lighter than a cordless design.

Safety glasses – Safety initially!

The following tools are nice to also have for any Home Repairs in Columbia SC

Electrical tester

Chalk line – Really helps when cutting large sheets of plywood or laying flooring.

Stud finder – When hanging shelves, you want to make certain to mount them on studs.

Random orbital sander – If you’re going to be finishing (or refinishing) a woodworking task you’ll desire to buy a sander.

Circular saw – If you’re going to be handling an area job of any size you’ll discover a round saw is essentially a necessity.

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